Whenever you work on a project, you will first be redirected to the settings of your project. This is an overview in which you can manage general settings like setting up channel connections or the promotion of your bot instances.

At first sight you see the staging system on which you can operate your bots. It looks like this:

In this picture you can see the general overview. The Development (DEV) stage in which the Demo Bot lies has been selected and you have the possibility to extract some information about it at first sight. You see the name and the description of the bot instance (configured in the Creator) and furthermore you have the possibility to select Channels, Settings and Actions.

Channels: Shows you to which channel the bot instance is connected to. This is also the place where you can connect it to a channel not used by any other bot instance.

Settings: Grants information about the Stage ID, Instance ID, which bot instance is on this stage version and provides a link to edit the very same bot (edit bot). 

Actions: Lets you Promote the running bot instance to the next stage.

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