Isn't it a great feeling when you created something new and want to share it with everyone? Unfortunately this is not the way bot development works because you can only deploy your bot to the dev-stage. The reason for this is that you want to have the possibility to check if your changes are running stably. Before you have a stable version, it is more helpful to run a bot in the dev-stage where you can make changes fastly and then test it e.g. in the Quickchat window on the right. 

We prepared a little video for you where you can see how the deployment of your bot works:

Whenever you are happy with the stability of your bot, you can promote the new version to test where you can test it in a stable environment. After you are 100% positive that your bot is in a good condition, you can promote it to live. Your users will appreciate the experience of chatting with a stable bot even though this may take a bit longer!

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